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Biomechanics with Katherine Walter BHSIT RWYM UKCC3

Learn how to feel more organised in your riding skills, learn about how to use your core strength to help balance and stability - Flat, Poles or Jump.
Katherine Walter says: 
If you have ever sat on a horse feeling tears of frustration welling up whilst you are told you are still doing the same thing wrong.- you know it, but can't work it out as to WHY!?... then biomechanics coaching can really help this dilemma and solve the puzzle.
In my coaching I aim to give you the tools and correct 'map' to ride in balance, use your core strength correctly and to sit easily and naturally. Sit in a way that helps your horse to move underneath you with ease to become 'poetry in motion'!
If you haven't had a biomechanics lesson before and are not sure what it means then the general rule of biomechanics is to understand the mechanical cause-effect relationships that determine the rider/horse motions. Many riders come to me because they can't work out the 'HOW' of riding as continually told 'what to do' rather than 'How to do it!'.
I've trained with International coach Mary Wanless (BHSI and founder of 'Ride With Your Mind') for over 15 years in biomechanics. The solutions to problems are based on increasing the rider's understanding of what 'is', building reliance on clear perceptions instead of on a mental concept of how it 'ought to be'. 
It's my belief that a horse must work with joy because he expects a reward, and not with anxiety because he is afraid of punishment and pain. 
I am a BHS registered Intermediate coach and accredited biomechanics 'RWYM' coach (RIde WIth Your Mind and 'Master Dressage'- founded by Mary Wanless BHSI). All standards welcome. 
£55 for private 50 mins session with video feedback / £35 share private
To book or more details contact Katherine on 01508 521800 or 07961 377422 or email:
£5 per spectator
You can hire a Newton Hall horse for an extra £10.00 - please call the office 01473785616 and email