loan a Pony / Horse

Newton Hall Equitation Ltd would like to offer clients the opportunity to experience ownership with a Pony/Horse Loan service.  You may loan your friend from Newton Hall Equitation Limited and enjoy them as if they were your own without the stress and worry of purchase and care.

The terms, conditions and benefits of Loan options are as follows:

·         Your loan pony/horse will be cared for by Newton Hall Equitation Ltd staff (general care including feed, bedding and turn out)

·         Your loan pony/horse will be vet checked and no unexpected vet bills for you

·         Exercise your pony/horse within the opening hours of Newton Hall. If under 18 you would require to either have a parent present or use the Arenas when Newton Hall Equitation Ltd staff are present

·         Staff will be on hand to advise and coach you in all aspects of horse ownership

·         Loaning a Newton Hall Equitation Ltd pony/horse does not bar you from competing at the BHS National Riding Schools Championships

·         One lesson per week will be included as part of your loan arrangement

·         This is an effective way to find out if you have time for a pony/horse or if you are interested in buying your own, but don’t want to make a large financial commitment straight away

·         Newton Hall Equitation Ltd may work your horse/pony for 1 hour per day outside of your usage.  Any exercise must be booked with the office at least 24 hours in advance including type of exercise and venue.

·         Loan contracts are for a minimum of 3 months with a months’ notice

·         Newton Hall Equitation Ltd will require an assessment on the pony/horse that you are hoping to loan. This will be charged at our usual lesson rate.

·         All loanees are required to participate in a trial period of one week, before long term loan is agreed (Trial Period £100 a week)

·         Rider insurance will be required in the form of a BHS Gold Membership or Pony Club Membership

·         Horse/pony cannot be removed from the premises without approval from Newton Hall Equitation Ltd owners

We look forward to you becoming your “own” horse/pony owner and experience all the joy of horse ownership with only one price and no unexpected bills.

Please contact for further details and trial or call 01473 785616