Newton Hall Equitation Ltd offers novice, intermediate and advanced riding lessons for all ages including specialist lessons for those returning to ride after a break. We have pony rides,  weekend pony clubs for children 5 to16 years and a riding club for adults. 

Private Lessons

Intense one to one for riders with specific goals. These can be for half an hour or 1 hour.

Shared Private Lessons       

Two people sharing a lesson. These can be for half an hour or 1 hour.

Class/Group Lessons   

Great for learning together. These are 1 hour.

Class/Group Lessons Times

10am               Tuesday - Friday: Adult Group Lesson

11am               Tuesday - Friday: Adult Group Lesson

12pm               Wednesday: Adult Show Jumping

4.30pm           Tuesday & Wednesday: After School Class

5.30pm           Tuesday: Adult Novice Group Lesson

6pm                 Wednesday: Children Group Lesson. Must be able to walk, trot and canter

6pm                 Friday: Adult Group Lesson

7pm                 Wednesday: Adult Group Lesson

7.30pm           Tuesday: Returning Riders

Pony Club Lessons

Please see under Clubs

Lunge Lessons

Great for building confidence and improving positions. Lessons by requests

Pony Rides

For children starting from 4 years